Monday, March 1, 2010

The Gayest Things You'll See This Week

How could I resist? That's gorgeous gay "Torchwood" star John Barrowman (whom I sometimes refer to as "Mark Harmon Light") showing off his "banana eating" skills in London the other day (via). The same site also posted similar (though less intentionally obvious) pics of one-time hottie Vince Vaughn eating an ice-cream cone and a hot dog. Seems like the good folks at D-Listed have some sort of food obsession...

Of course, were I to meet Barrowman in person, I might be tempted to... no, never mind. Not gonna go there. Put those images out of your head, right this very minute! This isn't that kind of blog (usually).

Still, I'm a major "Torchwood" fan and can't see how Russell Davies is going to resurrect the team, after the end of the last mini-series. Since Barrowman's omnisexual Captain Jack Harkness character is immortal, and almost every member of his team is or has been in love with him at one time or another, I can only hope Jack will call on his good friend Dr. Who to find some resolution to the problem. For you non-geeks out there, "Dr. Who" is a BBC program about an immortal "Time Lord" that started as a cheesy children's Sci-Fi show in the '50's and has evolved into a rather good (or so I'm told) adult Sci-Fi program, resurrected by "Queer As Folk" creator Davies in the Aughts. "Torchwood" is a spin-off of "Dr. Who" (a show I still haven't managed to get into), about a group of government-sanctioned folks (known as the Torchwood Institute) who are charged with with watching over a temporal rift in Cardiff, Wales. The rift allows aliens, alternate universe beings and other supernatural creatures access to the "real" world. It is Torchwood's job to keep this creatures at bay, keeping the rest of us safe from the anarchy their existence might cause.

Anyway, the openly gay (and married) Barrowman is one of the Beeb's hottest stars, and I can't imagine them just abandoning one of their hottest properties without at least a resolution, if not a complete final season. Here's a brief clip:

Whew! Anyway.... Across the Pond, here in the States:

I am not a Reality TV fan. Never have been, never will. I suppose its the writer in me that objects to these shows, which are hardly "reality," in even the broadest sense of the term. Among the worst of the genre is the daytime "Judge" show. You know what I'm talking about. They started with "The People's Court." People agree to let their small-claims cases to be broadcast while a retired judge gets to decide the outcome. I triuy hate these shows and the people who go on them, airing their sometimes very dirty laundry for all the world to see. And I have to ask myself what kind of self-respecting judge would actually take part. in such a circus. Though I must admit that not only do I know someone who went on "Judge Judy," I admire Judge Judy's candor and use of common sense when presiding over the often ridiculous cases set before her.

Today (via) I came across this clip from a show called "Judge Mathis." I hadn't seen this particular program before, but after watching the clip below, I have to say that I have a new-found respect for Judge Mathis, who isn't afraid to say what he thinks about coming out, being gay and what's what.

All I can say is, we're getting closer, gang. Some day, sexual orientation will be a non-issue and we'll finally be able to get on with what really matters.

More, anon.

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