Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Movie I'd Pay to See

Via BoingBoing comes this fan-made trailer for a Green Lantern movie that doesn't actually exist. Regular readers know how I feel about Nathan Fillion, but it is rumored that Bradley Cooper (Midnight Meat Train) will be playing the role in the actual proposed 2011 film. I like both actors, but in my humble opinon, Cooper can't hold a candle (or a lantern) to Fillion.
The clip features Fillion in scenes from Firefly other films/shows. Enjoy.

While I may not be an actual comic book fan, I am a fan of comic book movies. And I have to say, I'd be first in line to see this version of Green Lantern.

More, anon.

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Anonymous said...

I can totally see Nathan in the roll but I'd rather do Bradley.