Thursday, December 18, 2008

Jim Carrey, Homophobe?

I'm of two minds when it comes to Jim Carrey. There are some films in which I find him to be totally captivating and wonderful (The Truman Show; Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind; The Mask) and others in which I despise him (The Number 23; The Cable Guy; Ace Ventura and almost anything else he's in). He's certainly a talented, if inconsistent, actor who is capable of really good work. He has a new comedy coming out soon called Yes Man which looks like it has all the potential to be just as awful as most of his films. And there's the upcoming I Love You Phillip Morris, a film inspired by a true story of man who escaped prison several times to be with the man he loves (who he just happened to meet in prison). Irish hottie Ewan McGregor plays Morris.

But watch Carrey in the trailer:
Supposedly, a car accident leads his character to the revelation that he is gay, and he suddenly becomes this swishy, gym-rat kind of gay man who embodies every stereotype we've fought so long to overcome. Then there was last night's appearance on Letterman in which Carrey appeared in a bathtub drinking champagne with Larry King (ick) for comic effect. And earlier in the appearrance he said he'll always hug a fan "...unless it's a dude." What the hell? Honestly, I have no problem with straight actors playing gay roles. Lord knows I've played enough straight roles. But when a straight actor plays a gay role and then goes on to make jokes at our expense? For shame. This is one gay movie fan who will not be seeing I Love You Phillip Morris.
More of this, anon.

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