Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Who Do You Believe?

Wait, I have a Kleenex...

I honestly try not to be a gossip blogger. But sometimes an item comes along that requires both mention and comment, especially after a second person has come forward in almost as many days.

Yes, I'm talking about the one that I wanted, none other than Tony Manero; Danny Zucco;Vincent Vega and Edna Turblad himself, John Travolta. And yes, I'm talking about the two masseurs who recently came forward to accuse the long rumored-to-be-gay actor of wanting more than his shoulders rubbed. And this is not the first or second time the same allegation has been made by a masseur. It has also been alleged that Travolta trolled steam rooms and bath houses for close encounters of the queer kind.

OK - I must admit to being conflicted over this story. As a teenager, I found Travolta immensely attractive (as did every young straight gal and gay male in the country, if not the world). Gay rumors have dogged the actor for his entire career. Such rumors dog other celebs like Will Smith, Tom Cruise and Hugh Jackman. Of the three, only Jackman is publicly amused and flattered by the attention - obviously the response of a progressive-thinking straight man with a sense of humor. Of course, Travolta's camp issued a flat-out denial of the allegations.
Bad Movie/Buff Travolta

I have no idea who to believe here. I would hope that if these allegations prove to be true (and that's a big "if"), Travolta will finally come clean, once and for all. It's the 21st century - no one should care anymore. Sadly, some morons still do care. And while I continue to express my disdain for those who out others without consent, I also can't help but say that someone working to a keep a secret has to be a little more discreet. 

Not that there aren't plenty of stories out there about Cruise and Smith. Some of the accounts of Smith's alleged assignations are legen -- wait for it -- dary! Of course, it just may be that the Church of Loonatology helps them all cover their tracks. Wait - Smith's not a Loonatologist, you say? They've been courting him forever. Who's to say what ideas have already rubbed off on him or how far they'll go to get him to join their flock of zomblebrities (yes - I just made up yet another word). 

And it should go without saying that I have as much use for the Loonatologists as I do a boil on my heinie. Really? Your founder was a drug-addled writer of bad-science fiction. You don't think the whole thing just might be the result of a bad trip or a sick joke? 
Wait, I have a Kleenex...

Here's the thing - this is 2012, folks. No one should care who anyone is sleeping with. Or screwing; boinking; banging; boffing; f*&^ing; making the beast with two backs; doing the horizontal mambo or otherwise gettin' it on. It's no one's business but those people doing those things, anyway. If you are a celebrity, part of the price you pay is personal scrutiny. If you aren't willing to tell the truth about yourself, then you damned well better go out of your way to keep that lie alive.

This isn't the 1950's or even the 1970's. Information, scandal and innuendo are 24/7 these, days. Everyone has a camera. Everyone is "jacked in." Everyone is a voyeur. As we've learned with several politicians and at least one discredited anti-gay 'scientist,' there's no such thing as privacy, anymore.

If these allegations prove to be true, I hope Travolta will man-up and admit to it. I won't like the way it happened, but I'll be happy that another person is no longer living a very public lie. The more celebrities that come out, the better.

If the allegations are not proven (if this even goes to trial without settlements), then I will offer up an apology to Travolta and every falsely-accused straight man in the world. Don't hold your breath, though.


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Stephen said...

Dear Uncle,
This has nothing to do with a Hollywood star who might be gay or Scientology... it has to do with the fact that many men, I am not saying who, can't help but spring a woody during a massage session & then having to grab the therapist to try & regain balance... I mean, that is what I have heard,