Sunday, November 6, 2011

Joey, Do You Like Movies About Gladiators?

Henry Cavill ("The Tudors" and the upcoming Superman re-boot Man of Steel) is Theseus  in Tarsem Singh's lavish take on Greek mythology The Immortals, opening next weekend.

Tarsem (as he likes to be known) directed one of the most interesting Sci-Fi movies of 2000, The Cell, about a child psychologist (Jennifer Lopez) who uses hypnotic techniques to enter the mind of a comatose serial killer (Vincent D'Onofrio). Using state-of-the-art effects, Tarsem manged to take us into a visual world we'd never seen before.

2006's The Fall was an epic fantasy as told by an injured stuntman in 1920's Hollywood. Critics were divided, though once again, Tarsem demonstrated a visual style unlike any other director working today.

Along with Cavill (who can be seen shirtless all over the web, these days), Immortals features Mickey Rourke; Frieda Pinto; Stephen Dorff; openly gay actor Luke Evans; John Hurt and Kellen Lutz. Dear D and I are currently trying to find a time this upcoming weekend to see this film. Once we have, you can be sure I'll be posting my review. That is of course, once I recover...

Below are the trailers for all of Tarsem's films.

The Cell:

The Fall:


Tarsems's next film is the 2012 untitled live-action version of Snow White, starring Julia Roberts; Armie Hammer; Sean Bean; Lily Taylor and Nathan Lane. I'm surprised he took on another film so quickly, given his usual 5 or 6 years between projects.

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Stephen said...

I am a big fan of THE FALL... I look forward to his films, if just for the visuals.

Prospero said...

I like both his previous films, especially for the visuals. Of course, the man candy in "Immortals" doesn't hurt...