Friday, June 24, 2011

It's Officially Opening Night! - My Last (?) Pitch for Your Money...

Well, we all made it through another Hell Week. And trust me, a lot of it was hell and nonsense (and not in the good Monty Python/Lewis Carroll/Mel Brooks kinds of way). But that's all gone and will never be
spoken of or written about in a single iota of detail. It's just all part of the drama that is depicted in every movie about Show Business ever made. Could there be anything more appropriate for a parody of 1960's Bette Davis thrillers, then? In any event, I find myself really wanting to brag about everything in this show that had very little to do with me.

Yes, I may have told the actors where to stand; when and how to walk (and to where); when to sit; when to and how to turn. But that's just mechanics. They did the hard work - creating real people behaving very badly in absurdly exaggerated circumstances. And they have. And not only that, they have mastered some very complicated comic stage business and... unusual costume challenges while creating these very real (though outrageously dysfunctional) people. I love each and every one of them (actors and characters) very, very much! D: D.C.: Matty; Kelly; John and K -- "Thank You" isn't enough!

Then there's our Costumer, Ruth Rittman of Ritzy Costumes, who always understands exactly what I want and how to find and/or make it so brilliantly. Her 60's Mod Glam costumes are spot on - colorful, amusing and just gorgeous! Ruth's costumes not only evoke the period, but the actors look gorgeous in them. And there is my genius Sound Designer Judi Parrish, who always managed to stay 3 steps ahead of me, taking her own notes that matched mine exactly. Next, my Tech Director/Lighting Designer, Bob Terrano who also always knows what I want and delivers even more. And even though he already got thanked, to Dear D again, for the so very lovely and super-appreciated carpentry work. And Amy Bessalieu, who never seems to never be confounded by how to build the props ask for, no matter how unusual they may be. And anyone else who contributed; is contributing or will contribute to this year's event.

Finally, but oh-so-far from least, my Producer and friend Tracy Antozzeski, founder of the JTMF. She makes herself crazy while I and the cast always make her even crazier. She may bitch and complain (half real and half joking) but she does so much for so many people... and I think  -- no, I know -- we are each other's voices  of sanity every year (though our definitions of "sanity" may not always be the same). I want to be her when I grow up.

And to be completely honest, Uncle P isn't afraid of eternal suffering by taking pride in yet another  hilarious and intensely satisfying JTMF show. So in celebration of the end of my duties as director, here's a potentially hyperbolic (though heartfelt and really true) bit of copy:

"Die Mommie Die!" is HILARIOUS! The cast is AMAZE-BALLS! Spend a week of sex; drugs; murder; mayhem and innuendo in Hollywood during the 'Summer of Love!' Don't miss this insanely warped comic thriller from Tony-nominee Charles Busch, author of "The Tale of the Allergist's Wife;" "Vampire Lesbians of Sodom" and "Psycho Beach Party."

Performances are tonight and tomorrow, June 24th  & 25th and Sunday, June 26th. The Friday and Saturday performances include a catered reception and Silent Auction, featuring items donated by both local and national merchants and artists. This year's items include designer handbags, original works of art and signed celebrity memorabilia. The Friday &; Saturday reception and bidding open at 7:00 PM; Curtain is at 8:00.  Curtain for the Sunday performance is at 2:00, and does not include the reception or silent auction.

Tickets are $25.00 for the Friday & Saturday shows; $12.00- $16.00 for the matinee. Tickets can purchased online at; by phone at 609-570-3333 or at the Kelsey Box Office, one hour before curtain. If you can't attend but want to support the JTMF and our beneficiaries, you can make a safe and secure donation via PayPal at our website:

Now the serious reasons why you should attend or contribute:

HIV/AIDS is still a pandemic. Arts education funding in is being cut. Children are literally being bullied to death. 100% of our ticket sales go to our beneficiaries: The Opens Arms Foundation, The James Tolin Memorial Scholarship and The Trevor Project. Besides, parades and debauchery can be had almost any time of the year. Celebrating Pride with the JTMF is always a good time.

I'll be back on Monday with (hopefully) lots of pictures to share with those of you who couldn't be there. But if you can, see it live. I promise you'll never forget this one. I know I won't.

More, anon.

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Stephen said...

I am sorry to have missed opening night!!!
You are in my thoughts.
I will be happy to make a donation.
I long to be directed or to act beside you.