Thursday, June 30, 2011

Getting My Bearings Back

That's me, the nut on the ground with his brains being eaten by zombie nuts (he-he - I said "zombie nuts").

This year's JTMF show was a tough one. I had an inexperienced actor who needed to be alternately coddled, yelled at and occasionally physically dragged into giving what ended up being a very fine performance; we had smaller than usual crowds and to be honest, I'm not getting any younger...

I'm very much looking forward to the upcoming 3-day weekend, if only to get some much-needed rest. Of course, I'll also be catching up on the housekeeping duties I neglected the last several weeks. My house and my car are both a mess and while my fridge is full, much of what's in there are ancient leftovers sorely in need of being deep-sixed. My tomatoes need weeding; a post out front is in desperate need of a paint job; there is a pile of bills that need paying; a graduation gift that needs to bought and a million and four other things... Of course, your list is probably just as long. Still, I'd love to say "Screw it!" and head down to Rehoboth or up to Provincetown for three days of debauchery, though how that would help me feel less tired, I'm not sure. I do have a vacation coming up at the end of July, part of which I'll be spending in Chicago, finally meeting one of my Stephens (among other things). Oh - and I'll be entering a new decade in a few weeks... Yikes! Why do I still think I'm 25?

All in all, I guess I could do worse this weekend. I could still be working in retail.

By the way, Caliban's Revenge will soon be celebrating it's 4th Anniversary (I can hardly believe it) and I have a few fun things planned, including my annual list of Movies that Need to Be Remade. I can't wait to see how this year's list differs from the very first one in 2008.

And on that note, I'll leave you with this pro Marriage Equality ad from 2008 (via):

More, anon.

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I feel like you could probably teach a class on how to make a great blog.