Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I Heart NY

It's not that I've been avoiding this subject. It's just that I've been busy with a few other things.

We actually first heard about New York's passage of Marriage Equality at the cast party on Friday. We all cheered and applauded, but we were so caught up in our own celebration that we really didn't have the chance to consider what the passage of this bill actually meant.

Like California, New York is often a major indicator of how many states will conduct business in the coming year. Of course, that doesn't mean we can expect state after state to fall in line. Afterall, marriage is still a derisive subject in most places, even if recent polls indicate that most Americans have come to their senses and approve of Same Gender Marriage.

Still, there are plenty of asshats out there like NJ Governor Chris "I am not a fan of gay marriage" Christie and the hateful Maggie Gallagher of NOM who just can't seem to be able grasp the concept that who anyone else marries has absolutely zero effect on who they marry. Gallagher and her evil comrade Brian Brown insist that children will be forced to be taught that gay marriage is 'normal,' thereby scarring them for life and/or indoctrinating them into the 'gay lifestyle.' I have some news for these idiots - no one is indoctrinated. I was born gay, and so was every other gay person I know. Honestly, who would deliberately chose to join the single most hated minority on the planet? Of course, their response to that question is "Perverts and sickos." But really, what could possibly be more perverse than denying someone the right to love? (Those links are mean, and I almost apologize for them).

I started this post last night, but got so angry about these bigots (and there's no denying that that's exactly what Christie, Gallagher, Brown and their ilk are), I had to stop writing because I had become almost as vitriolic as they are. Sadly, these tiny-brained people don't recognize that the issue isn't just about legal rights. It's about love. These ignoramuses think that gay people are incapable of true love. One of them - I don't remember which, at the moment - has been quoted as saying that " men have 500 to 1000 sexual partners over their lifetimes." Really? I mean, I know of actual porn stars who have had fewer partners than that and they're getting paid for it.

I know I am preaching to the choir here, but the louder we sing, the more we're heard. For Uncle P, this issue is far less about politics or religion and all about love. And exactly how is that bad? I have yet to hear a satisfactory answer to that question, nor do I expect I ever will.

More, anon.


Jinx said...

I was thrilled to hear this news. About time. I heart New York too. Marvellous post.

Stephen said...

Can I sing at your wedding?