Thursday, March 24, 2011

Brutal Relax

I found the 15-minute Horror movie Brutal Relax on Bits and Pieces, a site that usually posts humorous jokes, videos and assorted Internet flotsam and jetsam. Blogger Jonco usually keeps it light and occasionally a little naughty (though nothing you'd be ashamed to be caught looking at by your mother). His motto is "We Scour the Web So You Don't Have To."

Every once in a while, Jonco posts something extraordinarily insane. Such is the case with this short Spanish Horror film. Sr Olivares is obviously a disturbed individual who is advised to take a nice relaxing vacation by his doctor, and told to remain calm, no matter what happens. 

Of course, we know that something exceptionally uncalming is about to happen. And boy, does it ever. Influenced by and referencing everything from Peter Jackson's Dead Alive (known as Brain Dead everywhere else but in the U.S.) to Jaws; Blood Beach; Night of the Demons; Humanoids from the Deep and God only knows what else, Brutal Relax is gruesome, disgusting, hilarious and creepy all at once. Directors Adrian Cardona, Rafa Dengra and David Munoz go way over the top in their twisted little tale of Sea-Zombies (?) and dead battery rage. Utilizing some terrific low-budget physical and CGI FX, the team behind this short is now on my radar and I look forward to what they might come with up with given a full budget and 90+ minutes of story-telling time.

Ladies and germs, I give you the best 15-minute Horror movie I've seen in recent memory, Brutal Relax (may be NSFW):

That speaks for itself, don't you think? I know I'll be avoiding beach mud for quite some time...

More, anon.

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