Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Weirdest Thing You'll See This Week

My dear friend and co-worker Mia sent me the below video, knowing I would love it like a son.

My response to her was "I want some of whatever this guy is smoking." Of course, it would have been so much better if she had sent it to me at 4:20, but hey...

Anyway, the video is bizarre, surreal and somehow still hilarious while taking on one of the most infamous urban legends of all time.

I know that Mia and Uncle P will be calling each other "Charlie" for many weeks to come, while our co-workers look at us, scratching their heads and asking themselves "What the hell is up with those two, anyway?" And we'll laugh all that much more, knowing we have confounded them once again.

Meanwhile, we'll just chuckle at our inside joke and hope that no gay stoner unicorns insist we accompany them to Candy Mountain. My organs are NOT for sale, thank you!

More nonsense, anon.


Matteo said...

Oh, Uncle P. You're a few years behind in discovering this video.

Us youngsters have been chuckling at Charlie and his Candy Mountain adventure for years...


rosalie said...

i'm so glad you have mia to enjoy these with. i made it a minute in and had to stop. my ears, eyes and soul had started to hurt.

love you both.

Mrs. Pine said...

i just got this tshirt, ode to uniCORNS everywhere! hahaha gotta love me some one-horned lovelies! happy weekend, mister! xo