Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Funniest Thing You'll See This Week

Okay, I lied. But I honestly forgot the Academy Award nominations were announced today until I got to work and read it on CNN. So of course, I had to comment, briefly.

The only real surprise for me was the nomination of Up in both the Best Picture and the Best Animated Feature categories, something that might actually backfire and cause Pixar to lose for the first time, ever, leaving Wes Anderson and Henry Selig to battle it out between Fantastic Mr. Fox and Coraline. In fairness, have yet to see Fox, but I adored Coraline. I'll withhold judgment until I've seen it, hopefully before March.

And, no surprise, but still much to my chagrin, Avatar was nominated for Best Picture and Director. The more time that passes since I've seen that movie, the more I realize how manipulative and cheesy James Cameron's plot was and the angrier I get that audiences don't realize it. So, in response to the movie's nomination, I am posting the review I wish I'd written. From the hilarious Plinkett at Red Letter Media (the same mad genius behind this brilliantly funny review of The Phantom Menace), comes this viciously hysterical (and NSFW language-laden) 2-part review of Avatar (via Sci-Fi blog i09 and my cubicle neighbor, Sue*):

There's a special seat in hell for you, James Cameron... I officially take back a star from my original review. So there!

*And yes, Sue has a terrific sense of humor. At least... I hope she does...

More infantile churlishness, anon.

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Stephen said...

I am not happy about the 10 films for Best Picture thing... not happy at all. It is like being asked to join an exclusive club, paying your dues...& then they let anyone in!