Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Had to get this one in before midnight, while it was still Halloween.
I had a lot of kids at my house tonight, which was great. There were some surprisingly good costumes. Thankfully, there was not a Joker, Batman or Amy Winehouse among them. One young lady wore a pretty dress and heavy makeup. "What are you?" I asked. "A wind-up doll," she cheerfully offered, turning around so I could see the big metallic key in her back. Another group came dressed as the horror-themed video game "Silent Hill," complete with a faceless nurse and a kid with a giant, black pyramidal head. There were quite a few costumes that I don't think were specifically anything; just whatever the kids could throw together to look like something weird. I did have a Philly, though I thought I'd have more (the small suburban train station I pass on my way to work each morning was over-run with red-shirted fans headed for the parade - you couldn't have paid me to go). A few folks at work dressed up. Two of my immediate co-workers wore headgear: Mama K wore bunny ears and Ms Golden Child wore a princess tiara. As much as I love the holiday, It's become almost as bad as Christmas. Anyway - here are two quick videos that sum up my Halloween 2008 (both via BoingBoing)
I'll bet if we could understand him, this kid would be saying: "Dad! I said 'a robot,' not a fifty pound death-trap that doesn't even let me hold my own damn candy bag!"
And this is probably the creepiest thing I've seen in weeks. I give you: "Mambo Number 5 by Robot-Spider Lou Bega." Eeeek!
Happy Hauntings!


Anonymous said...

That Battle Mech costume is the greatest thing I've seen. If I wer that kid, I'd wet my pants with joy.

Prospero said...

But the poor kid can barely walk in the damned thing! Something tells me this was all the over-achieving geek dad's doing.