Thursday, January 12, 2012

Playing the Flute


I'll bet you though this was about sex... Shame on you!

I am often amazed by the number of truly talented artists, actors, dancers, poets, writers and musicians I come across on a daily basis. Of course, thanks to YouTube, we can see these folks whenever we want. Still, every once in a while, one finds something truly exceptional and extraordinary. Such is the case with young flutist Jeemini Lee.

I wish I knew where I first saw the video I am about to share. I posted it on Facebook this past Sunday, but only one of my friends seemed to be as enamored of it as I was. I've watched it a dozen or more times and I am still fascinated by it. This high-schooler actually beat-boxes while playing the flute. Yes, the piece she's playing was intended to be just that, but still... See for yourselves:

Amazing, no? It almost makes me wish I had kept up with those clarinet lessons I took in elementary school.

I may like to think of myself as artist. Indeed, many lesser and/or more talented folk than I think of themselves that way. But seeing something like that is both humbling and inspiring. There is no indication as to whether or not Jeemini won the competition in which she played this piece, though I know if I were judging that day, she would have gotten my vote.

That video helped lift my Winter Blues a bit. I hope it did the same for you. She's certainly an artist to keep an eye on. I've subscribed to her YouTube Channel and can't wait to see what else she has to show us.

If you have seen something which excited and inspired you, please share it with me. You know how much I love your comments.

More, anon.


DeepBlue said...

Can you believe the amount of work behind this? Work that will never be duely acknowledged for the majority of people can't make the difference between true excellence and fake.

And we know how easy it is to fake your way through!

Prospero said...

Not just work, but pure talent!

DeepBlue said...

Talent........ 1%

Work.......... 9%

________...... 90%

fill in the blank!

Prospero said...


DeepBlue said...

Interresting! I hadn't thought of that one. Maybe because I put it along with "Work"!

Personnaly I first went for brains!
Lots of braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaains!

But then that also involves some work of its own because after all, the brain is a muscle like any other muscle, eh? ;)

And then I thought about "focus" or "concentration". Remember good ol' Stanislavski saying that an actors must always prepare. No matter if the czar or the communists are ruling, an actor prepares. Whether the contry is at war or peace, an actor prepares...

To develop such artistry, one must focus all his time and energy to the task. Never look sideways.

Then I though that in order to focus all your energy, one needs time, because it takes lots of time to reach such level of excellence. And time is $$$$.

In the end, I go with lady LUCK. You need to be very lucky to reach the point where you can pratice and live from your art.

Of course, we must remember also that luck kocks at our door everyday. Unfortunately, we're way too busy bitchin' about everything to notice someone's at the door.

Luck the one who understands this! ;)