Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy Birthday, Mr. Presidents

When I was kid, we celebrated Washington's and Lincoln's birthdays separately. Now, they have been combined into a single National Holiday that's intended to honor all 44 of our great nation's leaders, Presidents' Day.

Personally, there are two POTUSes which I have no desire to honor, both of whom served during my lifetime. I honestly hope that I never have the misfortune to add another to that list.

President of the United States is a really hard job. Certainly, it's not one I ever aspired to. Just look at how it ages those who've had it (well, those who were stressed out by it and actually worked hard while doing it). I barely tolerate being responsible for my parakeet, so the thought of being responsible for the greatest nation on Earth just scrambles my brain...

Our current President has a lot on his plate. Along with cleaning up the mess left to him by his predecessor, he has the added pressure of making good on promises he made to the LGBT community (promises that are finally coming to fruition, by the way). Add to that the current instability in North Africa and the Middle East; the lunatics in the Tea Party; general opposition from the Republicans (or as I like to call them, the Repugnantcans) and 800,000 other things that go along with the job, and I'd say the man is pretty stressed. Still, I think he's doing a pretty decent job. Of course as far I'm concerned, a deaf, blind, scoliatic gibbon could do a better job as POTUS than the ill-spoken moron who held the office before Mr. Obama.

For me, Presidents' Day was just a day off where I got to spend time catching up on household chores and taking advantage of sales on mattresses and electronics... and that somehow seems wrong. Presidents' Day should mean more than that, shouldn't it? We like to think of ourselves as the 'Greatest Nation on Earth.' Shouldn't we act more like it, too? I'm just saying, is all...

Still, I think I may actually vote for Sarah Palin in 2012. The world's supposed to end then anyway, right?

More, anon.

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