Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Late Night Quickie

My good buddy Sean at Just a Jeep Guy, posted this about the 2010 Oscar Broadcast. Essentially, the potential winners have been asked to save their "Thank Yous' until after they have accepted their awards.


For me, the Oscars are really about moments, rather than the entire show. How else would see amazing moments like this, this or this.

Of course, seeing gorgeous Javier Bardem kissing ass doesn't hurt (Oh! Did I really just write that? I've been reading too many Stephen Rader posts....).

Still, almost half the fun of watching the Oscars is seeing celebs make fools of themselves as they try to express their thanks for an award which in all honestly cannot be given abjectively. Really, how does one decide which artistic endeavor is better than another? Is what I've created as an artist better than or worse than what you've created? Is your art less valuable or have more to say than mine? Yes, we all know bad art; acting; design, etc., when we see it. But how does anyone really know whose artistic expression is better than someone else's?

Do you like it? Then it is good. Do I hate it? Then it is bad. Can we agree to disagree? I certainly hope so. How boring would life be if we all agreed on what was bad and/or good?

Still - how boring would the Oscars be without moments like this? Or better yet, these:

Oh, David Niven, how we miss your class!

More, anon.

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