Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Gayest Conspiracies You'll See This Week? What the...

So, the 2010 US Census is finally interested in us, and allowing us to be identified as spouses, whether or not our union is legally recognized. Or at least, that's what Sulu and his robot sex slave from Regula 12 want us to believe. I think they want to know how many of us there really are so they can round us up and ship us off to an island where we will all die of AIDS. Or feed us to the Vs. Seriously. The video proof is below.

I imagine that writing headlines and stories for the Weekly World News was much like what I just went through in that last paragraph. I can see the WWN headline now: Aliens and Bigfoot Help Move Gays to Gay Island; Elvis Oversees Operations.

I have already filled out and returned my census form. It is truly easy and painless (unless you have seventy-four billion people living with you). And it truly is our chance to be heard. Today saw historic health-care reform and we may very well be on the brink of historic military reform. We should be counted the way we want to be counted. The way we deserve to be counted. So (via and via), comes this PSA from George Takei and Brad Altman, reminding the LGBT community to not only participate in the census, but to be counted as members of the LGBT community.

Also via Towleroad, comes this clip of Dame Edna Everage's version of the clip that started my "Gayest Thing" posts:

I don't know... it kind of lacks energy...

Seriously, Barry Humphries has made a name for himself (or, er... uh... herself?) as Dame Edna, a raconteuress (yes, I may well have made up a word, but I don't care) and chat show 'hostess' who married into her title and is never afraid to speak her mind. Cheeky and oh so campy in that very Aussie way, Dame Edna is a Python Pepperpot who married well.

Admittedly, the clip is out of context. We don't what came before or after, how long it goes on or what the punchline is (though I suspect the punchline is, sadly, no more than the premise, itself). Humphries should have been parodying Lady Gaga, if anyone. Last year's topical humor is this years 'been there, done that' and a seasoned performer like Humphries should know that.

Off again to work on the screenplay. I promise a review of something, soon. Fill out and return your census form. Demographics are more important than you think.

More, anon.

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Stephen said...

I love that the conceit of the show (with a book by Christopher Durang) is that after feuding this summer when they realized that they had each booked the same theatre, with a show of the same name...that they share, sorta, the evening. It got great reviews & looks so funny! Shall we try & get tickets? Do you know Dame Edna or Michael, or even Barry Humphries?

my verification word is: MANLY. Really.