Wednesday, November 18, 2009

"Hurt You BAD!"

Creepy, ain't he?

I came across the movie I'm going to briefly discuss while researching my "Shocktober" post on Evil Child Syndrome, but I had never seen it, and couldn't find a way to include it's ineptitude in that particular entry.

Still, given my propensity for all things MST3K and almost all things snarky, I felt it my duty to share with you the trailer for what may well be the single worst film in history. Seriously.

Plan Nine from Outer Space may be the 'official' Worst Movie Ever Made, but that's only because right wingnut movie critic Michael Medved and his brother said so in their book The Golden Turkey Awards, back in the 80's.

But, just on the evidence provided by the trailer, I think the 1977 stinkeroo The Child may honestly be the actual holder of that rather dubious title:

Okay, I've watched that trailer three times and I still have absolutely no idea WTF this movie is about, other than Rosalie is a satanic killer in the body of a child? Or is a child possessed by a satanic killer? Or.. Oh, really! I have no friggin' clue what this movie is actually about. All I know is, I MUST see it!

Really? What the hell is wrong with me? I know - if I don't know, how the hell should you? Still, if you have a clue as to where I might find a copy of this atrocity, please let me know.

Wow - 3 short posts in one night! I'm spent...

More, anon.

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