Friday, May 1, 2009

Pareidolia Strikes Again

Ah, pareidolia! Like persistence of vision, the phenomena that allows us to perceive movement while viewing a rapid series of still images (that would be movies, folks), pareidolia allows us to perceive common images in mundane objects. Scientists think this may very well be hard-wired into our brains; akin to the same sort of thing that allows infants to recognize their mother's faces. Well, the British newspaper The Daily Mail has posted new images from the Mars Rover which many have come to interpret as an "alien skull." See for yourselves:

I don't know... looks like a rock to me. Maybe if you squint hard and use your imaginations.

I watched part of a documentary on the Discovery channel the other day, which said that Hitler was working on creating "flying saucers" because the allies were bombing German runways into extinction and he wanted to develop vertical lift aircraft which didn't require runways. The program seemed to imply that the rash of UFO sightings (starting with the 1946 incident at Roswell and continuing to today), were the result of US Military tests, led by defected Nazi scientists who went on to develop aircraft for the U.S. Of course, this just made me think of my post on the film Iron Sky, in which Nazi's who've spent the last 70 years on the Moon, return to Earth in another attempt to take over the world.

Fun, fun, fun. I love this kind of stuff.

And how about you, dear readers? Have you ever seen a UFO? Been abducted? Been probed? Do you have weird metal implants in the back of your neck? Has a "Grey" spoken to you using only his (its) mind? Does Christopher Walken visit you at night?

Your comments are always welcome. Just know that comments to this post won't be moderated until I get back from vacation on May 11th.

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