Sunday, May 31, 2009

Dogs and Cats, Living Together...

So, this has been floating around:

Thanks to my friend James, who first linked it to me on Facebook.
Riki "Garfunkel" Lindhome and Kate "Oates" Micucci sing a pro-gay marriage song in response to a Pat Robertson quote that legalizing gay marriage would lead to legalizing sex with ducks. Why doesn't some demon drag Pat Robertson to hell, already? You and I both know there's an especially hot and painful seat waiting for him. Which kind of reminds of the otherwise deplorable Little Nicky, an awful Adam Sandler film. In the funniest scene, Hitler's condemnation includes a having a pineapple shoved up his rectum everyday. I hope Pat will someday be right alongside him. But it's agave instead of pineapple. Flaming agave. Covered in habeneros.
Don't forget to wear your white ribbons, folks!
More, anon.

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Anonymous said...

I absolutely adore Garfunkel and Oates. I'm in love with "Pregnant Women Are Smug" because its both witty and incredibly true. Pregnant women ARE smug.