Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Dear California

Dear California;
I used to be one of you, way back when. I always thought that you were the most progressive state in the union. Sadly, you broke my heart yesterday by voting "yes" for hate, discrimination and the loss of human rights.
The thing I really don't understand, California, is how you could possibly try to take away people's right to love whomever they choose to love. I'm almost glad Harvey Milk isn't alive to see this day - it would have killed him. Or perhaps, were he alive, he could have galvanized all of you to do the right thing and vote "No" on hate. The fact that you allowed yourselves to be swayed by the so-called "Christian Right" and believed the out right lies they sold you, makes me sadder yet. I have a button that reads: "The Christian Right is Neither" and never more have I believed that than today. I don't get it. Are you stupid, uninformed or just filled with hate? Or all three? I never thought so, but now I'm beginning to doubt it.
So, shame on you, California! I'm glad I no longer live in a state that can allow a constitutional amendment that denies people rights. Florida and Arizona I can understand -- they're full of old folks who are too scared to know any better. But you, California... From you I had hoped better.
On a bright note, there are less than 75 days left in the most incompetent and hate-filled presidential administration this country has ever seen. Here's to brighter future for America - one of peace, sanity and tolerance. Yes We Did!
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