Monday, September 29, 2008

Some Writing of My own

Other than blogging here, and sending emails to my cast, Stage Manager, Producer and Tech Director, I haven't done much real writing in a while. I have a musical that's about 3/4 finished, that I haven't even looked at in months. That gets first priority, now that the show has opened. And I think that as the cold winter nights approach, I'll be working up another screenplay. I've got a huge list of ideas, but something's been crawling around in the back of my head lately (and trust me, that can be a very scary place and just about anything crawling around back there).
At first I just caught steely glints of it as it would turn a corner. Then I caught sight of what might have been a tail, for lack of a better word (or maybe it was grotesque tentacle - not that tentacles aren't grotesque enough as it is). Last week I thought I saw its eyes, but I could have just imagined it. Most recently, I heard its mournful and plaintiff cry, and it's getting louder. I still have no idea what it is, but I know it wants: it wants to get out and feed. It's so very hungry.
Well, was that weird enough for you? I know at least a dozen other writers who would describe the process in almost exactly the same way. If you are interested in reading some of my previous screenplays, they are available at The titles are: Army of the Dead; Comatose Joe; Eye Witness; The Forsaken and The Cow Says: Moo!
Alright - enough blathering. Off to serious writing...
More anon.

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