Thursday, March 8, 2012

Double Duty Kicks In

I'm not only in Hairspray, but as the JTMF Publicity Coordinator, I'm about to kick into high-gear.* I have a press release to write; emails and letters to write; a program bio to write.. a screenplay stuck at the end of Act II to finish... Well, that's not part of my JTMF duties, but it bugs me to no end that I can't figure how to end the damned thing. 

What I mean to say is, as the show gets closer, the posts are going to get shorter and fewer.

I hadn't seen this particular poster, before. I love the gum bubble. It says everything we need to know about Tracy.

*No, it wasn't until I did my first proof that I realized that first sentence sounds like a hair-club commercial. I thought about changing it, but decided it was funny, especially if you knew it was completely unintentional. Of course, thanks to the 'miracle of polymer science' known as YouTube, I can link Hairspray with hair-club. Ladies and germs, I give you GLH:

I wonder if it was the mullet that brought the babes back, or the high they got from smelling his 'hair?' There. I feel sillier, already.

More Hairy Nonsense, Anon

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Stephen said...

I think a series of ads featuring bald men would be fun & attention getting...

You are in my thoughts. Stay healthy!