Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Boatloads o' Nonsense

I want to know the names of the asshats who claim there is no such thing as global warming, dagnabbit! (suddenly Uncle P has become Yosemite Sam.) Seriously, it's ridiculously hot here on the East Coast. Today was our second day at 102 degrees in Philly, the first time since 1966. Now I know some of you were still in diapers and most of your parents' were. I was alive, but too young to actually remember (or even take notice).

It is July, after all. And July should be hot. But this hot, this early? No thanks! And it looks like there is no relief in the very near future... Stay frosty, my East Coast friends (Sean - I know you know what I mean, brutha).

Still, there are plenty of wonderful things coming up this July to which I am very much looking forward. First, next weekend marks the arrival of Despicable Me, starring the voice talents of Steve Carrell; Jason Segel; Russell Brand; Julie Andrews; Will Arnett; Kristin Wiig and Miranda Cosgrove :


This movie just looks so silly and funny and smart - everything Burton's Alice in Wonderland lacked. I just love love Carrell's 'Faux-manian' accent as Super-villain Gru. And I completely understand that I am being manipulated by the precocious child with the stuffed animal, but I think the filmmakers are hoping that we get that. There have been plenty of Superhero movies, but I can't name a single Super-villain movie (and no - horror movies do not count - my definition of a super-villain comes from the DC/Marvel/Darkhorse/etc. Universes. Yes, Hannibal Lecter is a super villain, but he is not a Lex Luthor/Joker type Super-villain. Despicable Me opens on July 9th.

And since I'm on the topic of upcoming movies, director Christopher Nolan is about to deliver my semi-annual Birthday present on July 16th with my last hope for summer movies this year, Inception:

Everyone knows about the phenomenon that was The Dark Knight, but for my money, Nolan's best film is his Steampunk Magic fantasy The Prestige. Nolan elicits amazing performances from everyone involved (Hugh Jackman; Christian Bale; Michael Caine; Scarlett Johansson; David Bowie). It took me more than one viewing of this astonishing film to actually decide which character had my sympathy. If you've never seen it, you should.

I can think of no director in the last decade who has more consistently delivered both intelligent and exceptionally entertaining films as Nolan, and from the early (and thankfully non-spoilery) reviews, we can expect nothing less from Inception.

How's this for a segue: Speaking of my birthday... I actually have two birthdays coming up in the next few weeks. The first is this Friday, July 9th, which marks the Second Anniversary of Caliban's Revenge. I'll be posting an updated version of my very first real movie post, "Ten Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Movies That Should Be Remade." Sadly, the list has changed little in two years, despite past buzz about several possibilities.

As for my actual Birthday on Sunday, July 18th, friends will be joining me at New York's Coney Island for a day of fun and nonsense. I grew up hearing stories about my mother visiting Coney Island as kid in the 40's and 50's, but have never been there myself, despite a life-long fascination with the place. I've even written the outline and some lyrics to a musical about Coney Island's Luna Park, once the single largest consumer of Edison light bulbs in the world and the first place to employ incubators for human babies, among many other fascinating things. If you're in the New York City area, we're meeting at 1 PM in front of the Cyclone in Astroland. My inner child is beyond ecstatic in anticipation of what I am sure will be anti-climactic event, but I don't care.

Honestly, I think I may actually have too much to talk about tonight, so I'm gong to save some nonsense for tomorrow. It's a veritable Nonsense Overload! I'll be covering a new development in the Double Rainbow Dude post; a contest involving Evil You-Know-What's and the schadenfreude we all felt while watching poor little Lilo weep for the cameras...

A Whole Lotta Nonsense, anon.


Anonymous said...

I was surprised to see that Predators opens tomorrow, for some reason I thought they were still filming it. Will you be seeing it? I haven't been interested in seeing a movie in months but that'll change next week when I see Inception.

Early Happy Blog Birthday!

Prospero said...

I probably won't be seeing "Pedators," especially after reading some of the reviews...

Prospero said...
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