Monday, December 7, 2009

I Should Be So Lucky

Via i09 comes this story of Uraguayan filmmaker and FX artist Frederico "Fede" Alverez, who made a five minute video called Panic Attack and now has a multi-million dollar deal to expand the the thing into a feature film under the guidance of Drag Me to Hell director, Sam Raimi.

Of course, I'm just a writer and a stage director. I don't have open access to post-production facilities. Hell, I don't even own a decent still camera (though I have asked Santa for one, this year). And in all honesty, my demo video would probably be a zombie movie, instead of a giant robot movie. Still, it's mighty impressive what Alvarez has done in his spare time and about $500 U.S. (I have no idea what Uruguay's currency is called and am too lazy (and a little too jealous) to look it up, right now. OK - maybe not...

Anyway, here's Alvarez's original short:

Sorry, but any director who can reference Potempkin; Cuaron, Transformers, Independence Day, War of the Worlds and 9/11 in one 5-minute short, deserves all the attention he can get. I only hope the full-length version of Panic Attack is half as good.

And I'm still waiting for news on the project I mentioned last night. Keep everything crossed you can cross for me. Details (good or bad) as soon as I know.

More, anon.

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