Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Suck It!

How telling is it that when I went in search of this image, the word "gay" was part of the url? Anyway, I'm sure you've guessed by now... tonight's Shocktober post is about those Euro-trash imports, Vampires.

They've been a part of most cultures (or creatures much like them) as long as there have been cultures. It took a Victorian era Scotchman, writing a definitive Gothic horror story, to turn the monster into a tragically flawed romantic anti-hero. No, of course Stoker didn't do that. But he started it. It would be almost another 100 years before Anne Rice came along and finished the job for him. And, with a few exceptions, it's been downhill, ever since.

The inspiration for this post was a quote from an Esquire article (via): "Vampires have overwhelmed pop culture because young straight women want to have sex with gay men."

Whaaaa....??!!?? Really? Hmmm... not because gay men want to have sex with gay men? Really? I may be a zombie guy, but I was a vampire guy first. And I gotta be honest with you. Vampires are pretty gay, but I don't know any straight girl who wants to sleep with a gay boy. I do know a gal (a dear friend who shall remain nameless) who desperately wants to be in the same room as two guys having sex, proving the exception to the rule about straight guys and lesbians vs. straight women and gay men. Straight girls are drawn to gay boys as protectors and confidantes. We're "safe" for them. If a gal wants a vampire, she wants it for the same reason a guy does: vampires are hot (well, most of the time). Not here. Or here.

But, they can be pretty damned hot here:

And, in a shout out to my Sisters who read this blog (and to throw a bone the str8 boys' way), here (Clip NOT Safe for Work):

And even here:

What happened to you, Joel Schumacher? You used to make good (okay - not terrible) movies.

Of course, the quote from Esquire is referring to this mess:

I love that there were people at this year's ComiCon wearing signs that said: "Twilight Ruined ComiCon." And I really don't get Pattison at all. Flat-faced, greasy-haired and pasty. When was that ever sexy? Yuck! Hell, I'd do Langella before I'd even think about doing that little twit. But, in all fairness, the only boys I know that glitter are gay... hmmm. Ms. Meyer's Mormon pro-abstinence propaganda seems like a particular slap in the face to a sub-genre that has always relied on sex (and I'll get to that topic, shortly).

Anyway I prefer my vampires like this:

Or this:

In the end, a vampire is all about penetration and the exchange of bodily fluids. Sound familiar? Yes, it's also the allure of eternal youth, power and mystery, but all of those can be boiled down to sex, as well. And we all know by now, that sex sells. Gay, straight, bi or Furry, sex (like birth and death) is one of those common denominators that tie us all together, whether we like to admit it or not. I am looking forward to the day when the vampire becomes a monster, again, rather than a pale simpering boy wearing glitter gel.

More terrors, anon.

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Anonymous said...

I love Anne Rice forever for The Vampire Chronicles.

How about a shout out to Buffy and Josh for their Dracula episode? I so love Giles and the dracu-babes.