Monday, July 28, 2008

"The Skin of Our Teeth #5"

Hurray! I finally have a full cast. Unfortunately, because they have not been notified, I won't be able to post it here until late tomorrow or Wednesday. But, I finally have everyone I need. I was torn for a bit in the casting of the of the Fortune Teller. I had two excellent actresses who gave two very different, but equally compelling auditions. In the end, it came down to choosing the actress I knew well and the one I didn't know at all. I did choose, but you'll have to wait (Sorry).

I am very relieved, though, and can now (hopefully) get down to the business of getting the show up on its feet.

If you auditioned and are reading this, I'm sorry I can't tell you more. You'll hear by tomorrow, I promise.

Now it's time for a well-earned good night's sleep. Until next time...

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