Monday, August 22, 2011

Fall 2011 TV: The Dramas

ABC's "Once Upon a Time"

Last night I talked about the new network comedies I am most interested in seeing. So tonight I'm writing about the dramas that have piqued my interest, a slightly longer list.

There seem to be plenty of Fantasy-based dramas this season, so lets start with the "realistic" dramas, shall we? 

First up, is NBC's adaptation of the BBC crime series "Prime Suspect" with Maria Bello taking over for Helen Mirren as a tough NYPD homicide detective. My co-worker Sue is leery of this show, having been a fan of the BBC version, but I am a huge fan of Bello's (The Mummy 3 nonwithstanding):

Keeping with the Crime genre, CBS has "Person of Interest," starring "Lost" alum Michael Emerson and tortured Christ James Caviezel in a show about an ex-CIA hit-man and a scientist who try to stop crimes before they happen.

CBS also has "Unforgettable," starring Poppy Montgomery as a detective with a didactic memory who can recall details with pinpoint accuracy:

Drawing on the popularity of AMC's "Madmen," ABC is offering "Pan-Am," a 1960's-set show about the lives and loves of stewardesses and pilots at the dawn of the Jet Age. Indy darling Christina Ricci heads up the cast of the sexy, soapy look at the not very distant past:

Moving into the Fantasy/Sci-Fi genre, FOX is finally offering up Steven Spielberg's "Terra Nova," about a group of explorers who travel back into pre-history in order to save the future. Starring Jason O'Mara and Stephen Lang, the story pits futuristic people against prehistoric problems, which include the occasional carnivorous dinosaur:

NBC offers up the supernatural medical drama "A Gifted Man," about a doctor, played by Patrick Wilson (Insidious; Watchmen) who sees dead people - specifically his dead ex-wife ("No Ordinary Family" alum Julie Benz).

The FX network adds to its list of original programming with the latest from "Glee" creator Ryan Murphy, "American Horror Story." Connie Britton ("Friday Night Lights"); Dylan McDermott ("The Practice"); Francis Conroy ("Six Feet Under") and the astounding Jessica Lange star in this story about a family who move into a haunted Beverly Hills mansion:

Finally, both ABC and NBC have competing Fairy Tale dramas. First is ABC's "Once Upon a Time," starring Lana Parilla (the underrated "Swingtown") as the Evil Queen in a story about a young woman who moves to a Maine town where the lines between fantasy and reality are blurry, at best:

NBC counters with "Grimm," in which a cop who is the last of the Grimms must protect the world from the Big Bad Wolves and Evil Stepmothers of the real world:

Of course, if I love more than one of these new shows, they're doomed to cancellation. 

What shows are you looking forward to seeing this fall? 

More, anon.

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