Sunday, April 18, 2010

Evil You-Know-Whats on a School Night

I was up very late, two nights in a row and I must get up for work tomorrow. I have also promised myself an hour of writing off-line tonight.

But I did want to briefly discuss this article I found linked over at i09, about an actor who offers a unique birthday service as an evil birthday clown. How creepy is this? He makes first contact by phone, whispering "I'm watching you!" and then laughing maniacally. Then he starts sending texts, emails and IMs and finally shows up on the victim's birthday with a cake to smash in the face of the birthday boy or gal. I bet he's making fortune, but while I get it, I think the people hiring him have to very, very careful about both who they do this to, and who else will be there when the Evil You-Know-What actually shows up. Scare the wrong person and you could be in for all sorts of liabilities. Imagine paying for a lifetime of therapy for some stranger. No thanks.

And one should obviously never plan on having him to a weenie-roast, like the EYKW on the the cover of this comic. First of all, just look at the weenies in that picture. Go on. I'll wait...

Then, the issue is called "In-A-Gadda-Da-Frenchy (The Call of the Wild)." Seriously? It sounds like a bad drag name: Ina Gadda D'Frenchy. And here's why - the first time I did drag was in a ridiculous murder mystery in which my character was killed, but then his twin sister showed up, demanding justice. The character was a third-rate disco has-been whose one hit wonder was a disco version of... You guessed it -- In-a Gadda DaVida. Chilling, I know... Unfortunately, the character's name is lost to the vaults and even worse, that song is forever tied to the image of me as a lummoxing Norse giantess in black. More horrifying than you can imagine...

Anyway, I'm off to write offline, as promised, but I'll leave you with this trailer for Neal Jordan's latest fantasy Ondine, starring Colin Farrell in a big fish story:

Hmm... Not sure about that, though Jordan's films are often quite surprisingly good, even when you think they shouldn't be, if you know what I mean. Okay - I'm done.

More, anon.

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theverysmallarray said...

Some well-meaning parents are gonna hire this dude for their fourteen-year-old juggalo son's b-day, and he's gonna waste the guy to get a rep.