Monday, March 22, 2010

Most of a Night to Myself

Actually, that should read: 'Most of a Night to My New Screenplay.'

I'm very pleased with the way it's been going, lately and the second act is roaring along. I shared the major plot conceit with a fellow zombie-lover (NOT a writer) the other night, and he thought I was on to something original and fun. So tonight, rather than spend an hour or more writing and linking and embedding and corercting (and still missing things like that horrible typo) until after midnight, I thought I'd do a very brief "Hi! How are ya?," say a few words (yeah, right) and link a few images.

I have no video to embed tonight, either. Nothing special to talk about; no exciting (or even interesting) movies in the near future. I have "Ugly Americans" on my DVR, waiting for me to watch it so I can write my review, so there isn't even any TV for me to talk about (unless its about "Damages" or "Lost," in which case, leave me a comment - Glen Close is astoundingly good and "Lost" is really making me crazy, already -- and don't even ask me about the Sawjinaeed Sandwhich -- I said DON'T ask, Mr. Elliott!).

So, I'm off to chase the muse (Damn, gay men can so friggin' flowery when they write!) and hopefully write something someone actually wants to buy... sigh.

Oh, and I lied. I do have a bit of nonsense from 2008 to embed for you. Normally, I'd post this at The Zombie Zone, but it was just... Oh... too silly (if you can imagine Uncle P ever thinking anything was too silly). Here's 'Zombie Haiku:'

Okay, I admit it. That clip is a reference to a completely inside joke between myself and Mia* (maker of the fabulous Teddy Z), that is hilarious to no one else but us. Sorry about that.

(Not really, but I felt kind of guilty over not giving full-disclosure)

*And my sister, to whom I gave that book for her birthday, that year.

More nonsense, anon.

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